All the capabilities of our platform — customised to your needs.

We tailor our plans based on your traffic volume, data retention and storage requirements. Each of our plans include:


Retroactive data
Real-time data availability
No Sampling
PII Masking






 Session Recordings

Form Analysis

Funnel Analysis

Unrestricted Search

Full Code Reconstruction

Visual Conversations


Free Help Documentation

 1 month on-boarding with

dedicated customer success manager

 30 day cool-off period 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up on my website?

Setup takes minutes, and is a simple copy and paste of our single tag. All you have to do is put our line of code into your web pages directly, or into your tag management system (e.g. Google Tag Manager).

Will Insightech slow down my website?

We’ve found the perfect balance between high performance data collection
and minimal impact on your website, but we let you configure our tag to meet your performance needs. Ask us for a demo and we can show you it in action.

What happens to my data after the data retention period?

We only store your data within Insightech for your retention period. After this point it will be deleted. You can extend your retention period by upgrading your plan, or you can download your raw data to store wherever you’d like.

When will I start to see data in my account?

Once you have deployed our javascript snippet, your data will be flowing into your account in real-time (assuming you have users on your website).

Can I add more data to my contract?

You can add more data to any plan, at any time. Contact our Sales team for details on options and pricing.

Want to know more about pricing?