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On-Demand Webinars

Expert strategies to unlock the potential of your eCommerce product pages with insights.

  • Post Purchase Surveys for deeper insights
  • Identifying and Addressing Digital Experience Issues
  • How to establish baselines to build across successive sale periods
  • Utilising Post Purchase Polls and Customer Service Logs for direct feedback and issue identification.

Utilising customer feedback to drive digital experience insights and optimisation

  • How to make feedback data more actionable for website optimisation to improve conversions and sales
  • Uncovering the untapped potential of Digital Experience analytics.
  • Learn how to prioritise which solutions should be tested first by measuring the conversion impact of each issue.

Checkout Experience Optimisation
Actionable Insights for eCommerce

  • How to find opportunities and identify the main cart abandonment drivers on your website
  • Using Funnel & Form Analysis to recreate user issues
  • Cover 5 new opportunities (which you won’t find online) to improve your checkout conversion rate

Digital experience insights to validate product page designs more efficiently

  • Explore the main challenges of validating page template designs
  • Examine how common Nike’s product page design is in their industry vertical
  • How to validate page templates with tools you already have (and how to do it more efficiently with a new method)

eBooks / Guides

Comprehensive guide to navigating the complex process of website re-platforming

  • Practical, hands-on guide to tracking and monitoring UX and conversion metrics during your website re-platforming project.
  • Covers key website metrics (core and optional) to track
  • Free performance benchmark template to implement the plan
  • Pre-launch, launch and post launch planning guides


Use advanced segmentation to slice and dice any report to quickly compare user behaviours across multiple date ranges. Fully unlock your analytics capability with modular segmentation that stacks quickly to answer any combination of questions.

Insights Notes

The longer friction points go unresolved the more they directly impact conversion rates and revenue. Save notes for colleagues and visually communicate exact points in time from session replays. Work collaboratively to get your team up to speed faster.

Visual Form Analysis

Get accurate digital experience intelligence to pinpoint precisely where forms cause friction and minimise cart abandonment. Context matters. Understand your forms better by experiencing the journey through their eyes to know why they didn't convert.