Gain clear insights to improve digital experiences and drive conversions

Visualise user behaviours on your website, in a way that your whole team can understand. Get all the behavioural data you need to enhance user experiences from day one.

Why Insightech
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Optimise page user experience for higher conversions

Quickly discover the revenue and conversion rates of each element on your website with clickmaps. Visually see how you can improve your content.

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Monitor and fix user experience issues quickly

Discover every abandonment, customer pain point and website issue in minutes with conversion funnel report. Diagnose problems faster, and fix the most impactful problems first.

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Watch and diagnose individual user sessions

Watch exactly what individual users see and do with session replay. Uncover the issues creating digital experience friction and quickly validate your hypotheses.

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Supercharge your website with Insightech data

Leverage the full power of your data by integrating Insightech with analytics platforms, BI dashboards, AB testing tools and marketing automation.

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What makes your experience with Insightech unique

Easy Setup

Get all the data and insights you need on day one from a single line of tracking code.

Track Everything

Get full visibility over how visitors are interacting on your website.

Retroactive Insights

Answer unexpected ad hoc questions without having to track issues in advance.

Local Help

Our experienced local analysts will support you at every step of the way.

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“The most important metric at BRG is conversion rate. Insightech helps us understand the drivers behind that across our digital journey.”

Mark Grace, Insights Director at Big Red Group, shares how they use Insightech to drive their conversion rate optimisation program and make finding insights simple.

Mark Grace, Insights Director at Big Red Group shares how they use Insightech for digital transformation

Blue Bungalow drives 4X more conversions with Insightech

✔️ Streamlining product page experiences for conversions

✔️ Significantly reducing time developers spend identifying site issues which impact conversions

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Travello restores $750,000 in monthly sales with Insightech

✔️ Deep diving into user behaviour data with Insightech

✔️ Quickly understands why digital friction impacts website conversions at key touchpoints such as the checkout experience

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AIB discovers $600k in revenue opportunities with Insightech

✔️ 100% visibility on all user experiences and issues

✔️ Reduces time to debug website errors from hours down to minutes

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Event tracking doesn't have to be a house of cards

Stop worrying if the latest website change broke tracking for a random custom event. Track everything with just a single line of code. Spend less time on maintenance and more on finding valuable insights.

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