Decode how your website experience impacts conversions

βœ… Identify and fix your checkout errors
βœ… Get visibility over how visitors use your website
βœ… Attribute revenue to your marketing campaign traffic

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A few of our customers πŸ‘‡

Case Study: Blue Bungalow

Key Results with Insightech:

βœ”οΈ 4X higher conversion rate across mobile and desktop for users who viewed customer reviews

βœ”οΈ Significantly reduced time developers spent identifying site issues

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Website Redesign and Optimisation

Launching a new page design through extensive AB testing and experimentation is challenging because you need to give each test time to find meaningful results. Now you can prioritise by understanding what text, images and dynamic content elements drive the most conversions on your website so you don't have to run endless experimentation.

Key Features:
βœ… Overlay click and scrolling behaviour data onto your actual website page design
βœ… Measure the conversion rate impact of text, images and other dynamic content elements common on modern websites
βœ… Website form analysis and reporting
βœ… Chrome extension which can turn your website into a dashboard

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Traditional analytics dashboards show you where users drop out of the funnel but not why they dropped out in the first place. This is because you can't walk in the shoes of individual users and understand why they struggled to convert. Now you can understand why users drop off at specific steps in the funnel by watching relevant session replays so there is greater understanding of how website CX impacts conversion rates.
Key Features:

βœ… Interactive conversion funnel tools
βœ… Watch session replay recordings for users who don't make it to the next step in a funnel
βœ… Create powerful audience segmentation by stacking filter criteria such as user behaviour (rage clicks, mouse hovers, how far down the page they scroll etc.) with campaign traffic sources such as Β Facebook, Tiktok or Google SEM.

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Customer issue recreation

It takes time for web developers to deploy a fix because they need to recreate the exact issue from customer feedback (such as surveys or support tickets). Now you can quickly recreate these customer issues by searching for and sharing specific session replays of individual users so your web developers can watch the recordings to understand what might be causing the issue and deploy fixes faster.
Key Features:
βœ… Share replay recordings with a single link in an email
βœ… Leave detailed notes on relevant session replays
βœ… Share precise moments along the replay timeline

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insightech notes feature

Experience Analytics Leader πŸŽ‰

Insightech is a leader in Asia Pacific Digital Analytics on G2 Insightech is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2

Event tracking doesn't have to be a house of cards

Stop worrying if the latest website change broke tracking for a random custom event. Track everything with just a single line of code. Spend less time on maintenance and more on finding valuable insights.

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Customer Stories

Page Redesign and Identifying Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:
βœ… Restored $750,000 of monthly revenue lost due to digital experience friction.

βœ… Within 2 hours was able to understand why digital friction was impacting website sales.

Case Study

Page Redesign and Identifying Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:
βœ… 16X ROI in incremental revenue opportunity.

βœ… Clear understanding of what page content impacts conversions the most.

Case Study

Identifying Website Errors and Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:
βœ… Uncovered $600k of missed revenue opportunities with Insightech.

βœ… Replicating website technical errors impacting conversions and easily sharing them with developers to fix.

Case Study
"Attribution at your fingertips"

Kenneth Phoon

Data Manager
"Insightech gives a much clearer picture of our upstream data without the need for complex implementations or setup. Pair that up with direct access to raw data, you have a very powerful tool at your fingertips.

On top of analysing traffic to the website, Insightech went outside of their scope of work to assist with building related customised projects to cater to unique problems faced."

"Powerful tool that helps you unlock revenue opportunities"


"Insightech is a super user-friendly tools and in just a few clicks you can unlock powerful insights than unlock UX opportunities, tech opportunities and attribution opportunities which ultimately drive increase in revenue. Besides the support team and account management is amazing, you get an elaborate answer super quickly. Besides you have access to raw data which if you have the tech skills can leverage to answer even more questions or build reporting. Finally this team is the most passionate on the market. We've found leaks in our funnel, we found technical issues on the website, our customer service used it to replay sessions done by customers who were complaining and as a support to understand what went wrong."

"Highly recommended"


"Incredible amounts of depth coupled with amazing staff. The insights (no pun intended) provided by Insightech are unique in the Martech space! Awesome product. Insightech gives us an excellent alternative way to view our customer interactions when compared to traditional event based analytics platforms like Mixpanel. It's giving us powerful investigation tools when we need answers on specific customer behaviour questions."

"Great tool, great team, excellent support"


"Insightech is a great tool in terms of understanding customer behaviour, identifying errors on the website, improving conversion and overall enhancing customer experience. The replay tool is a personal favourite in identifying customer journey and experience. The passionate team at Insightech - things get actioned immediately and any feedback on the tool is received well and implemented to suit the client's need. Insightech is helping us solve gaps in customer journey and analytics."

"Excellent tool"


"The ability to trouble shoot issues, monitor new features and improve the CX across our sites. Easy to use and extract insights that return real value for us. Troubleshooting customer issues & monitoring newly released features. It makes the digital teams job easy!"

Website User Experience Analytics Unified in One Platform.

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