View web data differently

Understand why users struggle, and how this impacts conversions, with all of your data visually overlaid on your website in minutes.


Visualise key insights from your digital experiences

Overlay your data visually on top of your website with Point and Click Reporting. You can now explore everything you need to know about your users and digital experiences, with a simple point and click.

Power your business with Absolute data

Our Capture Everything Code™ collects everything you need from your website with one line of code, providing it in real-time at every stage that you need it. No sampling, no maintenance. Just instant data and complete peace of mind.

Answer any question with Unrestricted Search

Grow conversions by finding and fixing customer issues faster. Our Unrestricted Search shows exactly what your users saw when they struggled, along with the code powering their experience. IT can now recreate issues in an instant, by simply sharing a link.

Communicate insights visually with your team

Make smarter and faster decisions with your whole team, using Visual Conversations™. Notes overlay on top of your website, so that you can communicate insights and actions visually. These also act as bookmarks of precise moments, so that your team can communicate right where the action happens.

Ready to power your business with instant data and visual insights?