Poor website user experience costs your business money.

Insightech helps businesses swiftly pinpoint and prioritise website issues, offering opportunities to enhance user experience and drive higher conversion rates.

83% of consumers will abandon a brand if they're unsatisfied with the digital experience

Errors and bugs on your website negatively impact digital experience.

Purchase journeys on your website (including checkouts and multi-step application forms) are critical touchpoints however neglecting this aspect of the experience can deter potential customers and alienate existing ones, tarnishing your brand's reputation over time.

Collecting insights is key to understanding why problems cause users to struggle.

With abundant, unsampled data on user behaviour, you gain invaluable insights into individual user experiences.

collecting insights is key to understanding digital experience
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Get clear digital experience insights with Insightech

While understanding the significance of digital experience is crucial, having the right tools to actualise this understanding is paramount.

With Insightech you get a comprehensive view into the experience of users on your website to help you discover and prioritise issues causing friction in the purchase journey.

Get the tools you need in a one product to quickly identify and fix issues on your website which are impacting digital experience.

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Seamlessly Capture Every User Interaction 100% of the time

Say goodbye to juggling multiple analytics and session replay tools. Say no to gaps in your data. Choose data storage based on your preference: US or Australia.

Comprehensive Onboarding and Training - Australian Style

Our dedicated Australian team ensures you harness the full potential of Insightech. With a plethora of support materials, training videos, and user guides, your entire team will be on track swiftly.

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Transform User Experience into Searchable Data

Step into your users' shoes with session replay. Spot an issue? Craft a filter to locate other users who encountered the same problem. Assess its impact on conversions, drop-offs and revenue.

Case Study: Blue Bungalow

Key Results with Insightech:

✔️ 4X higher conversion rate across mobile and desktop for users who viewed customer reviews

✔️ Significantly reduced time developers spent identifying site issues

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A few of our customers

What our customers are saying

“We use Insightech to identify drop-offs in conversion rates, dig into the funnel and identify issues impacting our website payment processing.”

Olivia Yi

Head of Product, Travello

"In just two weeks, Insightech helped us uncover conversion opportunities that will deliver up to $600k of incremental revenue. Insightech is the only platform that can answer all the things that we need."

Nazira Mirzakhan

Digital Acquisition Manager, Australian Institute of Business

"In a matter of weeks we uncovered an incremental revenue opportunity from a top navigation change that delivered an ROI of 16x.  With the guesswork gone, our strategy is informed and considered."

Emma Filliponi

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager, Blue Bungalow

Website User Experience Analytics Unified in One Platform.

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Insightech's G2 High Performer Asia Pacific award for 2023
Insightech's G2 high performer badge 2023


Use advanced segmentation to slice and dice any report to quickly compare user behaviours across multiple date ranges. Fully unlock your analytics capability with modular segmentation that stacks quickly to answer any combination of questions.

Insights Notes

The longer friction points go unresolved the more they directly impact conversion rates and revenue. Save notes for colleagues and visually communicate exact points in time from session replays. Work collaboratively to get your team up to speed faster.

Visual Form Analysis

Get accurate digital experience intelligence to pinpoint precisely where forms cause friction and minimise cart abandonment. Context matters. Understand your forms better by experiencing the journey through their eyes to know why they didn't convert.