Unlock Deep Insights In Your Users' Journey. Every Click, Scroll and Interaction - Quantified.

Dive deep into your raw data to discover and resolve payment issues, website bugs and coupon code errors.

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Insightech Platform Capabilities

Website Optimisation

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Error Identification

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Journey Optimisation

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Integrations & Raw Data

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Session Replay

See how visitors use and experience your website. Interact with any element - not just zones on page (such as dynamic page content, call-to-action-buttons, images etc.).

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Click Map

Click Map Reports help you understand what element or links users have interacted with on each page to understand which content is driving your website conversions. These can be segmented and filtered on the fly, to aggregate multiple pages together from the same category, or to compare different behaviours quickly (e.g. converting and non-converting users).

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Form Analysis Tool

The form analysis report automatically identifies any of your webpages that have input fields (which usually indicates there is a form), and shows engagement metrics that help you identify potential issues related to your forms, including user drop off points or any unclear input fields.

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Free-Text Search

We designed Insightech so you can explore deeper into any behaviour on your website. Within each report, all you need to do is simply click on the content. Create powerful audience segments based on visitors who click, interacted or viewed the content element (for example, visitors who viewed a specific error message when trying to enter the incorrect coupon code at checkout).

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Interactive Conversion Funnels

With Insightech, a conversion funnel can be made with historical data and be set up using any event or user behaviour on the website. From there, you can identify exactly where users drop off, and use our session replay tool to visualise the users experience.

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Data Layer

A data layer is a consistent layer of structured information behind the scenes of your website. By default, Insightech tracks your data layer object out of the box so that you can use this information for our free-text search, segments and filters.

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Use advanced segmentation to slice and dice any report to quickly compare user behaviours across multiple date ranges. Fully unlock your analytics capability with modular segmentation that stacks quickly to answer any combination of questions.

Insights Notes

The longer friction points go unresolved the more they directly impact conversion rates and revenue. Save notes for colleagues and visually communicate exact points in time from session replays. Work collaboratively to get your team up to speed faster.

Visual Form Analysis

Get accurate digital experience intelligence to pinpoint precisely where forms cause friction and minimise cart abandonment. Context matters. Understand your forms better by experiencing the journey through their eyes to know why they didn't convert.

Collaboration Tools

Insight Moments are simply a way of bookmarking something interesting within a replay to share with the team, or save for your own use later. It could be a user who receives an error message, or a user who is rage clicking on a button. Moments save the specific point in the replay, so that when someone accesses the note, they can jump to the exact moment where the note was saved!

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"Powerful tool that helps you unlock revenue opportunities"

‍Christelle B.

"Insightech is a super user-friendly tools and in just a few clicks you can unlock powerful insights than unlock UX opportunities, tech opportunities and attribution opportunities which ultimately drive increase in revenue. Besides the support team and account management is amazing, you get an elaborate answer super quickly. Besides you have access to raw data which if you have the tech skills can leverage to answer even more questions or build reporting. Finally this team is the most passionate on the market. We've found leaks in our funnel, we found technical issues on the website, our customer service used it to replay sessions done by customers who were complaining and as a support to understand what went wrong."

"Highly recommended"

‍Hamish C.

"Incredible amounts of depth coupled with amazing staff. The insights (no pun intended) provided by Insightech are unique in the Martech space! Awesome product. Insightech gives us an excellent alternative way to view our customer interactions when compared to traditional event based analytics platforms like Mixpanel. It's giving us powerful investigation tools when we need answers on specific customer behaviour questions."

"Great tool, great team, excellent support"

Suraj K.

"Insightech is a great tool in terms of understanding customer behaviour, identifying errors on the website, improving conversion and overall enhancing customer experience. The replay tool is a personal favourite in identifying customer journey and experience. The passionate team at Insightech - things get actioned immediately and any feedback on the tool is received well and implemented to suit the client's need. Insightech is helping us solve gaps in customer journey and analytics."

"Excellent tool"

‍Hayden L.

"The ability to trouble shoot issues, monitor new features and improve the CX across our sites. Easy to use and extract insights that return real value for us. Troubleshooting customer issues & monitoring newly released features. It makes the digital teams job easy!"

A few of our customers πŸ‘‡

Case Study: Blue Bungalow

Key Results with Insightech:

βœ”οΈ 4X higher conversion rate across mobile and desktop for users who viewed customer reviews

βœ”οΈ Significantly reduced time developers spent identifying site issues

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