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Session Replay

The workflow to transform your teams to be data-driven


Identify the key problems in your conversion funnels with interactive funnel reports and visual form analysis.


Watch high quality session replays to learn exactly why users drop out of your conversion funnels.


Quantify opportunities quickly with point & click search, to understand which solutions need to be prioritised to improve revenue.


Slice and dice any report using segments to quickly compare behaviours between multiple audiences, or across multiple date ranges. Segments are modular and can be stacked quickly to answer any combination of questions.

Insights Notes

Save notes and communicate insights visually with your team in key moments of session replays. Get your team quickly up to speed on the same insights and issues your visitors are facing, and what needs to be fixed.

data lake

Web Data Lake

Real-time streaming data to power real-time dashboards, anomaly detection, segmentation, recommendation engine, marketing attribution and other machine learning use cases.

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