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What's included in my trial?

  • Full-access to the Insightech platform to discover optimisation opportunities and gain conversions.
  • Help from analysts with local expertise to get insights into revenue growth opportunities.
  • Setup for long term success by learning optimisation tips and strategies.

Insightech Trial customers unlock over $300k worth of revenue opportunities during trials. See what some of our happy customers have to say about us:

How others have benefited from their trial

Optimising page templates
and content

Quickly discover the revenue and conversion rates of each element on your website with clickmaps and heatmaps. Visually see how you can improve your page content and designs.

Monitoring and quickly resolving website issues

Discover every abandonment, customer pain point and website issue in minutes with conversion funnels, error reports, and anomaly detection. Diagnose problems faster, and fix the most impactful problems first.

Custom dashboards
and reports

Leverage Insightech’s custom dashboards and reports, and see how you can integrate Insightech with your AB testing, BI tools and marketing automation.

What to expect from your trial

1. Kick Off Call

Nice to meet you! We get to catch up on a video call and align on your priorities, learn what you would like to achieve from the trial and how Insightech can assist.

2. Quick Setup

This part is easy, it’s just a single line of tracking code we send your way so you get full visibility over how users experience your website.

3. Gather Insights

Let our experts do the work for you! Our analysts gather insights on your key use cases and showcase how easy it was.

4. Share Results

We’ll present our findings to you and showcase how easy it is to find them using our platform. Your team can then jump in the drivers seat, explore and find more insights.

Insightech no-obligation trials unlock over $300,000 in revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should do a trial?

Insightech works with digital, ecommerce, optimisation and marketing teams who are looking for immediate conversion uplift by streamlining their website experience. Most of our customers are in the eCommerce, Financial Services, Travel, Tourism, and Charities sector. If you fit this profile we’d love to do a trial with you!

Does the trial cost anything?

The trial is 100% free. We can discuss what subscription costs would be for your business during your trial period once we have more information about your requirements.

What are some common use cases?

The main use cases of Insightech are:

  • Optimising page user experiences with clear actionable insights to gain more conversions.
  • Monitoring and quickly addressing site issues which are causing digital user experience friction and lost revenue opportunities (for example checkout issues or broken forms at high value touchpoints).
  • Diagnosing why friction is an issue in the first place with session replay recordings.
How long is my Insightech trial?

Trials are on average four weeks but we cater to every businesses specific needs and review requirements.

What do I need to get started?

There are no required contracts to begin a trial and you will be under no obligation to buy at the end of the trial. If required, we are happy to sign your NDA before implementing the tracking code and finding the insights.

Can I invite others to the trial?

Yes, certainly. There is no limit to how many people from your team can join the trial. We cover the training part so anyone from a digital, optimisation, eCommerce or marketing team can discover actionable insights on their own.

What information do you have on data security & privacy?

Insightech is an Australian owned and based company. Trial data is stored in either Australia or the US depending on your preference. For more information see our Security and Privacy Policies.

AIB discovers $600k in revenue opportunities with Insightech

✔️ 100% visibility on all user experiences and issues

✔️ Reduces time to debug website errors from hours down to minutes

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an image showcasing the australian institute of business as a customer of insightech

Blue Bungalow drives 4X more conversions with Insightech

✔️ Streamlining product page experiences for conversions

✔️ Significantly reducing time developers spend identifying site issues which impact conversions

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blue bungalow case study image

Travello restores $750,000 in monthly sales with Insightech

✔️ Deep diving into user behaviour data with Insightech

✔️ Quickly understands why digital friction impacts website conversions at key touchpoints such as the checkout experience

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an image featuring travello as a customer of insightech

See how Insightech can help your team drive higher conversions from clear digital experience insights