How Our Pricing Works

Pricing is based on several components related to your data and platform needs, including volumes, retention, and where you need your data stored.

Submit a demo request below, and we'll show you the platform and give you a personalised quote suited to what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to setup

on my website?

Setting up is a simple copy and paste job, and usually takes only a matter of minutes. All you have to do is put our single line of code into your webpages directly, or into your tag management system (e.g. Google Tag Manager).

What happens to my data after the data retention period?

We only store your data for as long as your retention period is. After this point it will be deleted. You can extend your retention period by upgrading your plan, or if you have an enterprise plan, you will have access to your own raw data to extract and store wherever you'd like.

Can I add more data to my contract?

You can add more data to any plan, at any time. Contact our Sales team for details on options and pricing.

Will Insightech slow down my website?

We've found the perfect balance between high performance data collection and minimal impact on your website. That being said, you still have the option to customise your configuration exactly to your needs. Want to check it out? Ask us for a demo and we'll show you it in action.

When will I start to see data in my account?

Once you have deployed our javascript snippet, your data will be flowing into your account in real-time (assuming you have users on your website).

Where can I find more details on pricing?

Please contact our sales team for a demo & personalised quote.

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