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Search for and recreate any customer experience powered by our Full Code Reconstruction™ — same visuals, same code, same everything. Instantly see what your users have seen, and quickly share code that needs to be fixed, with a link. 

What this means for you


Insightech is the only platform that lets you search through any behaviour or piece of content exactly how it appears on your website. Searching for customer support errors is now accurate and will take minutes instead of hours.

errors are reconstructed in high DEFInition

Search for an error message that your user has seen, to reconstruct that error in full. Same visuals, same code, and every data point that your IT team needs to recreate and diagnose the problem. All you have to do is share the link.

find and monitor unknown errors

Insightech searches can be run on failed behaviours (an action without a response). This means that all errors can be identified and listed in full, despite whether they are known yet, or not.


No error needs to be searched for twice. Bugs and issues can be bookmarked, added to lists for follow up, and shared with a single link, so that collaboration is seamless with the rest of your team.

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