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Point & Click Reporting™

Point and Click reporting™ simplifies how to get insights from your website, by making reports visual and interactive and overlaid on user replays from your actual website.

Point and Click to explore any behaviour in more depth

Dynamic content accurately tracked and recreated

What this means for you


See what your users have seen, and measure impression level impacts of homepage banners and content. A simple point and click lets you follow users that have seen content.


Explore what your users are clicking on before they convert. Combined with scrolling heatmaps, you can also quickly see which highly clicked content is not getting enough visibility.

form analysis

Forms and field abandonment are automatically tracked, so that you can quickly focus on key drop off points to understand what causes users to abandon and not convert.

Point and click segments

Create segments by simply pointing and clicking in any report. Every segment has its own dashboard to monitor website behaviours with real-time data.

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