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Key Results with Insightech:

✔️ 16X ROI in incremental revenue opportunity

✔️ Clear understanding of what page content impacts conversions the most

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Who is Blue Bungalow?

Blue Bungalow was founded in 2012 with the vision of bringing Queensland's vibrant beach lifestyle to the rest of Australia. With a product range of over 3,000styles, and over 150 different brands, they are known for their personalised service, and their outfits can be found on women all over the world!

What was Blue Bungalow challenged by?

The Blue Bungalow team was spending an increasing amount of time and money trying to recreate website bugs and friction points along the user journey. It was taking months to recreate and fix bugs that were impacting conversion rates, even when customers were already sharing them.

The team was also spending a large amount of time trying to understand their purchase flow, and the opportunities to increase conversion rates. With the tools they already had, they didn’t always have the data they needed and getting insights also took a long time.

Additionally, Blue Bungalow wanted faster insights to uncover growth and revenue opportunities for the company. They required a simple yet effective point-and-click tool that would be able to do this.

How Insightech helped overcome these challenges

Blue Bungalow gained a detailed understanding of its purchase funnel, including where users abandoned, and when their key call-to-actions, including their order submission button, were not working.

Customer support issues taking months to recreate could now be found and shared with developers in minutes. Blue Bungalow is now able to fix issues faster, and find more issues with Insightech, that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to find.

Insightech’s interactive session replay and audience segmentation allowed the Blue Bungalow team to instantly quantify the conversion impacts of content seen, or interacted with by their users. This allowed them to quickly understand revenue opportunities to better inform website improvements.

The easy-to-follow UI meant that the Insightech platform became an increasingly simple yet powerful tool for Blue Bungalow's eCommerce team. As a result, they were able to gain quantifiable insights about revenue opportunities in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

Results with Insightech

Blue Bungalow made incremental improvements to its website that unlocked revenue opportunities and returned an ROI of 16x within a matter of weeks. Since then, the Blue Bungalow eCommerce team has continued to find additional revenue opportunities that have continued to grow their conversion rates and revenue further.

Next steps

A few of our customers

What our customers are saying

“We use Insightech to identify drop-offs in conversion rates, dig into the funnel and identify issues impacting our website payment processing.”

Olivia Yi

Head of Product, Travello

"In just two weeks, Insightech helped us uncover conversion opportunities that will deliver up to $600k of incremental revenue. Insightech is the only platform that can answer all the things that we need."

Nazira Mirzakhan

Digital Acquisition Manager, Australian Institute of Business

"In a matter of weeks we uncovered an incremental revenue opportunity from a top navigation change that delivered an ROI of 16x.  With the guesswork gone, our strategy is informed and considered."

Emma Filliponi

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager, Blue Bungalow


Use advanced segmentation to slice and dice any report to quickly compare user behaviours across multiple date ranges. Fully unlock your analytics capability with modular segmentation that stacks quickly to answer any combination of questions.

Insights Notes

The longer friction points go unresolved the more they directly impact conversion rates and revenue. Save notes for colleagues and visually communicate exact points in time from session replays. Work collaboratively to get your team up to speed faster.

Visual Form Analysis

Get accurate digital experience intelligence to pinpoint precisely where forms cause friction and minimise cart abandonment. Context matters. Understand your forms better by experiencing the journey through their eyes to know why they didn't convert.

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