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Instant setup & real time data

- Capture Everything Code™

Our Capture Everything Code gives you instant visibility and peace of mind with one line of code. Setup in minutes, it provides a real-time data lake of every datapoint possible from your website, with full retroactive availability.

It is everything you need to power your insights, real-time monitoring and dashboards, AB testing, and personalisation.


All website behaviours
HTML & Dynamic Content

Datalayer events and attributes

What you can see

See how your users interact with your website

See what code and content loads for your users

See core website data and 3rd party tools that load

What this means for you


We took the effort out of setting up complete visibility across your website, with a single line of code. Simple, easy, and out of-the-box, so you can get back to the things that matter to your business growth.

recreate experiences in full

Our Capture Everything Code has enough data to recreate user experiences in full. Same code, same visuals, same everything. See what your users see, and have all the code that you need to explore and fix any issues that you find.

move fast with REAL-TIME DATA

Data flows through every touch point in real-time, even to your 3rd party platforms. You can now monitor and explore new website updates as soon as they launch. Or simply use our data to power real-time dashboards, AB testing, or personalisation.

explore any trend retroactively

You don’t need to know what is important before we collect it. Retroactive data means that we simply collect everything you need out of the box, so that you can explore any historical trend as soon as you need it. No setup or maintenance required.


While we do collect what you need to grow your business, nothing is more important than the privacy of your customers. Insightech does not capture or allow the storage of personally identifiable information (PII).

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