Diagnose where and why users struggle to convert on your website

Insightech helps you swiftly pinpoint and prioritise website issues to discover new opportunities that enhance user experience and drive higher conversion rates.

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Clear Insights for Optimising Digital Experiences

Discover and recreate customer issues on your website

With Insightech, digital teams effortlessly identify and recreate website issues, measure their financial impact and share actionable insights for rapid resolution.

✅ Free text search to uncover unknown website issues (such as error text) without relying on customer feedback.

✅ Powerful search and segmentation to relive user encounters with errors.

✅ Assess the direct effect of issues on conversion rates and revenue.

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Find opportunities for improvement on your website

Insightech provides clear insights for digital teams looking to optimise page templates and forms as well as content and features on those key touchpoints. Dive deep into page interactions, share insights seamlessly with stakeholders and implement design improvements that truly resonate.

✅ In-depth page behaviour analysis to understand what happens next

✅ Click maps and scrolling heatmaps

✅ Form analysis tools

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Measure the success of your website relaunch / replatforming

Identify if users interact with recent changes - then quantify conversion rate and revenue impact for internal stakeholders.

✅ Get clear insights into user interaction on page (such as Rage Clicks)

✅ Track the performance of each website release over time by quantifying $ value impact

✅ Learn what's different between the old and the new design to find opportunities for improvement

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Get insights into unexpected conversion rate changes

Quickly identify the digital experience drivers behind unexpected conversion rates changes on your website. Identify where the change happened in the purchase journey, what caused it and understand the dollar value impact.

✅ Analyse the experience of users at any step in your conversion funnel

✅ Quantify the conversion rate and revenue impact of the recent change

✅ Setup automated anomaly detection to get alerted to changes on your website

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Supercharge Your Data. Amplify Your Results.

Integrate Insightech with your preferred analytics, A/B testing solutions, and BI tools for real-time insights.

Elevate your digital strategies by combining the best of both worlds: existing capabilities and Insightech’s dynamic data lake.

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insightech integrations image showing how the product integrates in your existing tech stack including adobe suite.

Case Study: Blue Bungalow

Key Results with Insightech:

✔️ 4X higher conversion rate across mobile and desktop for users who viewed customer reviews

✔️ Significantly reduced time developers spent identifying site issues

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APAC loves us for digital experience insights

Insightech is a leader in Asia Pacific Digital Analytics on G2 Insightech is a leader in Digital Analytics on G2

Event tracking doesn't have to be a house of cards

Stop worrying if the latest website change broke tracking for a random custom event. Track everything with just a single line of code. Spend less time on maintenance and more on finding valuable insights.

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Customer Stories

travello logo

Page Redesign and Identifying Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:

✅ Restored $750,000 of monthly revenue lost due to digital experience friction.

✅ Within 2 hours was able to understand why digital friction was impacting website sales.

Case Study
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Page Redesign and Identifying Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:

16X ROI in incremental revenue opportunity.

✅ Clear understanding of what page content impacts conversions the most.

Case Study
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Identifying Website Errors and Conversion Drop Diagnosis

Key Results:

✅ Uncovered $600k of missed revenue opportunities with Insightech.

✅ Replicating website technical errors impacting conversions and easily sharing them with developers to fix.

Case Study
picture of kenneth phoon - a customer of insightech
5 star reviews of insightech from july 26 2023
"Attribution at your fingertips"

Kenneth Phoon

Data Manager
"Insightech gives a much clearer picture of our upstream data without the need for complex implementations or setup. Pair that up with direct access to raw data, you have a very powerful tool at your fingertips.

On top of analysing traffic to the website, Insightech went outside of their scope of work to assist with building related customised projects to cater to unique problems faced."
5 star review for insightech's customer Christelle on July 27 2023.


"Insightech is a super user-friendly tools and in just a few clicks you can unlock powerful insights than unlock UX opportunities."

5 star review for insightech's customer Christelle on July 27 2023.


"Incredible amounts of depth coupled with amazing staff. It's giving us powerful investigation tools when we need answers on specific customer behaviour questions."

5 star review for insightech's customer Christelle on July 27 2023.


"Insightech is a great tool in terms of understanding customer behaviour, identifying errors on the website, improving conversion and overall enhancing customer experience."

5 star review July 26 2023


"The ability to trouble shoot issues, monitor new features and improve the CX across our sites. Easy to use and extract insights that return real value for us."

Website User Experience Analytics Unified in One Platform.

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Insightech's G2 High Performer Asia Pacific award for 2023
Insightech's G2 high performer badge 2023