Discover the true cause of user experience pain points with Insightech’s Google Analytics integration

Discover the true cause of user experience pain points with Insightech’s Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics solutions on the market. It’s a great solution to track those who visit your web pages, and use that data to better understand where the pain points are in your website conversion funnels. However, many Google Analytics users are struggling to make sense of this data, and how it can lead them to understand the pain points that their website visitors are facing.

This is where Insightech comes in. We’ve recently released our Insightech and Google Analytics integration to solve this exact problem. Insightech allows our users to dive deeper into the user experience of their visitors, mainly by using the session replay feature, to further their understanding of the pain points faced. By watching exactly how the visitors interact with your website, you will quickly discover the design issues that confuse them, and the errors that occur throughout their visits.

How Google Analytics Works With Insightech

Using Google Analytics, Insightech will allow you to track the visitors who prematurely exit your website at the checkout process. Focusing on these visitors is critical because they are the ones facing the issues that you want to solve.

Below is an example of how you can use Google Analytics to find the Insightech User ID of your frustrated visitors and then watch their session replay in the Insightech solution.

First, you will need to set up a custom dimension in Google Analytics to store the Insightech User ID. Second, you will use Google Tag Manager to populate the custom dimension withthe unique user ID from Insightech when the visitors land on your website.

Once the data is input, you can set up a custom report with the dimension hierarchy: “Source/Medium” -> “Exit Page” -> “InsightechUser ID”

Google Analytics Custom Report with Insightech User ID

Here you can generate a report that shows all the traffic sources and mediums from which your visitors enter your website. You can then click on one of them to view the exit pages of that particular source.

Google Analytics Source Medium Report
Google Analytics Exit Page Report

From here you can click on the Exit Page "/checkout" to view the Insightech User IDs of the visitors from that same traffic source who exit your website during the checkout process.

Google Analytics Insightech User IDs

Copy the Insightech User ID from the Google Analytics report, and apply it to the “User ID” filter in your Insightech profile with the same date range as the Google Analytics report. You will see all the sessions, during that particular period, for that particular user.

From there you can clickon the replay button to watch how the visitor interacted with the website and subsequently see why they struggled to convert.

Once the issue is identified, qualifying it can be as simple as pointing and clicking on the session replay interface. Simply click on the error message to instantly see all of the visitors who encountered the exact same issue. The following example shows the simplicity of this feature.

What You Need to Enable Insightech Integration with Google Analytics

If you already have Google Tag Manager installed, you will require no code in order to enable the integration.

You will, however, need to:

  1. Store each Insightech User ID by assigning a custom dimension to visitor level;
  2. Update Google Tag Manager to retrieve the Insightech User ID cookie and populate the custom dimension with the cookie value.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you require assistance setting up your Insightech integration. We are ready and happy to help!

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