Case Study: Insightech Unlocks $500K Revenue Opportunity for eCommerce Business
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Case Study: Insightech Unlocks $500K Revenue Opportunity for eCommerce Business

The Challenge

Discover why some customers at a popular eCommerce site were almost completing their orders but dropping off at the ‘Confirm Order’ step

The Solution

Insightech’s Click Map and Session Replays revealed these customers experienced a technical error when they clicked the ‘Confirm Order’ button.

Why Insightech

Insightech’s Click Map and Session Replays revealed these customers experienced a technical error when they clicked the ‘Confirm Order’ button.


  • Medium sized online food retailer now generates most of its revenue through eCommerce
  • Initial growth through nurturing repeat customers
  • Recent boom in the industry has expanded the market – and presents big opportunities to gain new customers and convert them to repeat customers
  • Keen to grow revenue without spending extra marketing dollars online
  • Insightech helped unlock a $500,000/year revenue opportunity within 1 hour of analysis

About our client*

(*This medium-sized online food retailer asked not to be named as the results contain actual revenue figures which are commercially sensitive.)

Our client is a medium sized business with a growing share of a market worth approximately $1billion

In its early days the business achieved significant growth by nurturing repeat customers – and their loyalty gave it a competitive advantage during a recent boom in the industry.

Initially the business relied on mainstream advertising (broadcast, print and outdoor) to reach its target market and generated most of its revenue via phone orders.

Now that more households regularly shop online the business processes most of its orders via its popular eCommerce platform.

As the overall market continues to grow, the brand wants to capitalise on its reputation to attract new customers and convert more repeat customers.

The Challenge: gain more online orders, without extra marketing spend

“We have looked into session replay tools for a while but it didn’t seem practical to watch so many random replay videos. Unlike other tools, the Insightech segmentation feature looked very promising.”

Head of Digital, eCommerce client

Insightech’s eCommerce client knew the overall market for its products was expanding as new competitors set up shop online.

It also noticed the recent boom in the market was driving up online advertising rates.

The Head of Digital at the business didn’t want to have spend more on marketing, so instead looked for other opportunities to grow the brand’s revenue.

The business wanted to build on its loyal customer base and win over new repeat customers by making it faster and easier for consumers to complete orders.

So when Chaoming Li, Founder of Insightech, presented a demo to the business, customer segmentation was a top priority.

“When I saw a demo of Insightech I was impressed with the platform’s ability to segment user session replays, which meant that unlike other tools, we wouldn’t have to watch a lot of sessions to gain insights,” explains our client’s Head of Digital. “We chose Insightech because it offers better ways to examine and improve on the customer experience.”

Above all, the business needed to find out why some of its customers were dropping off from the ‘Confirm Order’ step during their sessions

Solution: Insight reveals actual user experience

“It took me less than an hour using Insightech to identify the issue in the ordering form and present a solution. It’s really impressive how fast Insightech Platform can reveal opportunities – and the implementation was so simple.”

Digital Analyst

Step 1: separate drop-off customers from those who complete orders

A digital analyst used Insightech best practice and segmentation tools to create a drop-off segment at the Confirm Order step, which is the last step for customers in their shopping journey.

At this stage customers are generally very committed: they have selected all the items they want to buy and filled in all the information needed to ensure their order is delivered. The page has an excellent conversion rate of more than 90%.

Generally all a customer needs to do at this stage is review the order and click a single button to ‘Complete Order’.

The analyst examined a segment of customers who reached this ‘Confirm Order’ page but didn’t get to the ‘Thank you’ page.

Step 2: review Click Map of customers

The digital analyst then used Click Map in the Insightech Platform to examine user behaviour.

This review showed what customers actually clicked on if they didn’t convert.

“It was a real surprise to me that the most clicked button in the drop-off segment was the ‘Complete Order’ button,” reports the analyst. I mean, as they did click the button, they should convert and I was thinking ‘Why they didn’t convert?’, so we needed to fix that.”

Step 3: review the user experience and improve conversions

The analyst clicked a button on the replay interface to visually create a segment of those who clicked on the ‘Complete Order’ button in the drop-off segment, and follow their individual journeys.

Result: Insightech unlocks revenue growth opportunity

“Insightech showed we were missing about $500K annually from customers who really wanted to buy from us, so it was very important we discovered it and fixed it ASAP.”

Head of Digital, eCommerce client

The customer journeys revealed a clear pattern: some customers simply couldn’t complete their purchases because of an on-page technical issue and were shown an error page instead.

These customers were clearly committed to the order and hadn’t made a mistake in their interaction with the ordering system.

When Insightech helped the eCommerce business identify and record how many customers hit the error page, the Head of Digital calculated the potential revenue opportunity.

The orders from customers who had in fact placed an order but encountered an error were worth $500,000 per year.

The IT team at the eCommerce business quickly made the ‘Confirm Order’ page its top priority.

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