We make your website data work smarter for you

We aren't just another analytics tool

We visually simplify how you access and understand website data, so that you can get back to growing your conversions.

1. All the data you need, setup in minutes

Setup real-time data for your whole website, in minutes

Setup in minutes with one line of code. Everything you need is captured including user behaviours, HTML content, datalayer and 3rd party tools. You can also use our real-time data to power real-time dashboards, AB testing, personalisation, or fraud detection.

2. Search is instant and unrestricted

Find and recreate any website problem instantly - even ones you didn't know existed

Freely search through any user behaviour, content, or message shown to your customers, and find issues instantly with 100% success rate. See exactly what your users have seen, along with any code that needs to be fixed, or shared to your IT team with a link

“I thought this platform would simply add an extra layer of insights to our Google Analytics data, but once I started using it I realised that Insightech is the only platform that can answer all the things that we need.”

Nazira Mirzakhan,
Digital Acquisition Manager, AIB

3. All your data is mapped to your website

Insightech accurately maps your data to your website, even when it changes.

Insightech detects what your website looks like in real-time, and accurately maps your data on top of it. Your data will update accurately in seconds, so that you can visually explore dynamic content, or any audience segment, to understand why your users aren’t converting.

4. Visually share insights with your team

Centralise team conversations on top of your website where problems occur

We embed your website into how your team can visually communicate insights and actions with each other. Visual notes act as bookmarks of important moments, and insights and experiences can be shared with a link, in a language that the whole team understands.

“It is extremely powerful, there are so many features, and the possibilities for analysis, data interrogation and insights are endless!”

Nazira Mirzakhan
Digital Acquisition Manager, AIB

We help you increase the bottom line

Measure conversion impacts

Compare audiences and converting behaviours, to quickly understand the conversion impacts of viewed or clicked content. Quickly share any insights you find, with visual notes on top of your website.

Answer Any Question

Answer unexpected questions, or instantly recreate unknown errors. Insightech search is unrestricted and instant, updating reports in seconds – so you get the correct answer you need, every time.

Fix FOrm abandonment

Automatically detect forms and form field abandonment, to quickly understand the biggest reasons causing your users to abandon and not convert on your website.

reduce time on finding, and fixing issues

Your IT team no longer has to recreate website issues. Simply search for any error message, or failed experience, and have it recreated with 100% accuracy and accessible via a link. Same visuals, same code, same everything.

work smarter with your whole team

Centralise conversations on top of your website so your team can communicate insights and actions visually. Notes are overlaid on your website so insights can be shared with a link, and in a language that everyone understands.

Ready to see what Insightech can do for your business?