Visual Form Analysis

Get deep, powerful insights on your form performance

Focus On The Highest Drop Off Points First

Insightech automatically detects your forms across your website and highlights where to focus. Drop-offs are ranked in order of importance, so you can quickly identify the biggest blockers in your forms to fix them.

Visually and Interactively Build Segments

Simply click on any element in your form analysis to create a segment of users who have dropped off a form field. Using these segments you can now understand the full journey users take before and after dropping off your form.

View Behaviours Across Full Dynamic Forms

Visual Form Analysis fully supports dynamic forms, popup forms and single page applications. Apply Visual Form Analysis on any stage of your dynamic form to view behaviours for any user experience.

Out Of The Box Privacy Protection

User privacy is incredibly important to us, which is why anything your user types on your website is automatically masked by default. You can also custom mask any other piece of content that should be hidden, and data will always be blocked before sent.

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