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Seamlessly share insights and collaborate with

— Visual Conversations

Make smarter decisions with the whole team, by centralising conversations on top of your website where problems occur. Use Visual notes to bookmark important moments, and share insights and experiences with a link. Insights and actions can now be shared in a language that your whole team understands.

What this means for you

VISUALLY bookmark insights and important moments

Visually overlay insights on top of your website, to have conversations exactly where you found them. These can be shared with a link and act as bookmarks to recreate the same visuals, same code, and the insights you have found.

searchable tags means faster insights for everyone

Adding searchable tags to your notes adds your insights to lists or team projects, so that the rest of your team can search for or reproduce your insights quickly without having to know the specific insight you saved.

SHARE visual insights with a single link

Sharing is simple in Insightech – any note, dashboard, or customer experience, can be shared and recreated in full with a single link. Conversations can now be had right where insights are found, on top of your website.

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