UX & Product Design

Optimise designs with visual analytics and crystal clear insights

UX & product design
Answer any question on user behaviours with accurate data
What are the experiences like to real users?
Which viewed content improves user experiences?
What are the key pain points in the user journeys?
Do users see and interact with the call-to-actions?
Which elements do users interact with the most?
How can you make sense of the data easily?
session replay

Iterate designs with crystal clear insights

Replay user sessions and watch exactly what users do on each page. Understanding user behaviours has never been easier. Crystal clear insights drive better and faster design iterations.

Visual analytics makes user experiences simpler to understand

Dynamic click maps and visual form analysis overlay relevant data on top of webpage designs, to simplify analytics into an easy-to-understand format. No more abstract charts and tables, all the key insights are available at a glance with visual analytics.

form analysis & click map
common behaviours

See common user behaviours in seconds

Instantly find all users with the same common experience or behaviour, with point & click search. All of the data you need is tracked out-of-the-box, simply point & click on any content, behaviour, or issue that you find, to quantify it.

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