Time Machine

All your data available retroactively.

Retroactive & Flexible Data

Ever thought of a different way to tackle an existing problem? 

We've got your back. Insightech captures your data in a versatile way, so that you can retroactively re-cut, and change the way you look at your data without any additional implementation.

Monitor Your Business in Real-time

Insightech's real-time data can be connected to your favourite BI tools and dashboards so that you can monitor your business exactly the way you want. No more hours spent waiting for your data to process.

Connect and Enrich Your Data Sources

Gain deeper insights about your users by enriching Insightech's behavioural data with your own data sources across marketing, customer, sales, or any other channel.

Power Your Marketing Campaigns

Drive your campaigns by connecting behavioural data into your existing marketing platforms. You can leverage key customer behaviours and journeys to customise your communications.

Connect with Your Preferred BI Tools




Power BI



and more...

Implement in minutes with just one simple tag

It's easy. Copy and paste a single tag into your website to have access to our

full suite of analytics reports, even across dynamic content and single page applications.

Interested to learn more?

Book a free demo with our consultants to learn how powerful  real-time data can help you grow your business

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