Session Replay

Watch real customer experiences 

how they actually happen.

Watch and Interact With Real User Experiences

Insightech's session replay isn't a normal video, it's a replication of your website in action, allowing you to watch and interact with real customer experiences. On top of that, overlay and compare key segments to take your analysis to the next level.

Dynamic and High Quality Session Replay

Future Proof Your Analysis

We record how your website changes so you don't have to. Watch playbacks of earlier website versions to see how site changes affect user experience.

Integrate with A/B Testing

Explore which A/B testing variations perform better, by watching end-to-end user journeys before and after your test experience.

Dynamic Content Supported

Insightech Session Replay works out of the box on dynamic web pages including single page applications with just one simple tag.

Filter Replays with Any Behaviour or Event

Focus on key customer experiences first, by applying filters or segments using almost any condition across your website, including clicks, mouse hovers, scrolling, page content, injected HTML changes and 100+ other activities.

Out Of The Box Privacy Protection

User privacy is incredibly important to us, which is why anything your user types on your website is automatically masked by default. You can also custom mask any other piece of content that should be hidden, and data will always be blocked before sent.

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