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Case Study: CarsGuide Improves Used Car Seller Experience with Insightech

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The Challenge

CarsGuide’s private sellers were abandoning a form and the existing data couldn’t explain why. The CarsGuide team needed smarter insights to the problem and a fast way to solve it.

The Solution

Insightech revealed why users were abandoning the conversion form just hours after deployment. Armed with the insights, the CarsGuide team developed a solution to fix the website navigation problem.

Why Insightech

“Insightech collects all the user behaviour data with context, giving us comprehensive insights to answer our questions.” – Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide.


  • CarsGuide has 25 million+ page views/month

  • A form for creating used car listings experienced higher than usual bounce rates

  • Insightech was set up in seconds and quickly helped identify the root cause of the issue

  • Click Maps showed patterns of unexpected user behaviour – and informed changes to navigation

  • Insightech dashboards help CarsGuide improve user experience – leading to better conversions

About CarsGuide

CarsGuide is a popular online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers across Australia, offering more 100,000 car listings, 6,000+ car reviews and plenty of useful news and advice from its Motoring Experts.

So it’s not surprising the website experiences a lot of traffic: more than 25 million page views each month and thousands of new listings from sellers every week.

All elements of the website, from its free listings to maps showing all available cars, are designed to meet the CarsGuide vision to “empower and guide our customers to confidently and simply buy and sell cars”.

“We aggregate new and used cars from dealers and private sellers across Australia and aim to make buying and selling easier and more enjoyable for everyone.” – Dan Ingle, CEO, CarsGuide

Challenge: improve the customer experience of managing ad listings

“The CarsGuide team could see private sellers abandoning a form for listings, but our existing data couldn’t tell us why.” – Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide

In-house analytics of a page designed to help sellers manage their listings revealed a high form abandon rate on the listing form used to create listings. While there didn’t seem to be technical issues with the form, many potential conversions were lost as users bounced off the page before interacting with any form fields.

“Unfortunately, the existing data couldn’t provide us with any information on why this was happening, and the presence of a dynamic form made writing a custom solution difficult,” explains Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide. “We didn’t have the time to develop and implement the code required to get a sense of what was happening with our users.”

Austin raised the issue with Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide, as he was concerned a possible glitch in the used car listing form could be causing the business to lose customers.

Austin had recently viewed a presentation on form analysis by Chaoming Li, Founder of Insightech, and saw how quickly Insightech platform could get to the root cause of user experience problems.

It took the CarsGuide analytics team only seconds to install Insightech tracking code onto the form and begin reviewing the issue.

Then, using Insightech’s segmentation feature, the analysts tracked the behavior of a sample of those who bounced from the form with no interaction with any form fields.

“We can quantify user behaviours through Insightech with a clear view of each selected segment at a granular level,” reports Kate Everitt, Product Manager, CarsGuide. “That’s a very important feature to help us understand our users’ issues.”

Solution: Insightech form analysis shows what users really want

“Insightech revealed why users were abandoning our conversion form just hours after deployment - which was a great outcome for us.” – Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide

Soon after implementing the Insightech platform the analytics team at CarsGuide began to see some patterns: the segment of users who bounced from the new listing form were only on the page long enough to read one or two questions about car models.

Usually these questions help users quickly and easily begin creating a car ad listing – and in most cases users that do interact with these questions convert. So if it wasn’t an issue with the questions, what was causing the unusual bounce rate?

And why did some users bounce almost immediately?

Insightech’s Click Map feature gave the analytics team an overview of how the bounce users behaved. Some hovered their cursors on the page before choosing a navigation button, others quickly clicked away.

“By watching the Click Map we discovered the users bouncing from the new listing form actually wanted to manage their existing ads,” says Kate Everitt, Product Manager, CarsGuide. “They didn’t want to create new ads at all – they were just on the wrong page.” Armed with the knowledge of why users bounced to a different page the product team at CarsGuide developed a new navigation solution. Now users can easily manage their existing ads without hitting the wrong form for a new listing.

Insightech gives a clear view of user behaviour

“Insightech collects all the user behaviour data with context, giving us comprehensive insights to answer our questions.” – Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide.

Insightech’s consultant helped the product team create a dashboard to present the findings and solution to Dan Ingle, CEO, CarsGuide.

“Insightech has all the raw data we need to answer our questions.” says Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide.

The custom dashboard built with DataStudio draws on Insightech raw data to show four stages of user behaviour:

  1. Landing on the car ad listing form page

  2. Interacting with the page

  3. Interacting with the form

  4. Submitting a complete form

Data from the Insightech platform includes records of how long users hover on a specific HTML element, and when viewed in the dashboard it gives the CarsGuide team a clearer view of the user journey, step by step – and a clearer path to improving the user experience.

“We find great flexibility in having access to and querying the Insightech data, which helps answer any questions,” concludes Geoff Austin, Analytics Manager, CarsGuide. “The dashboard gives us a clear view of the context and helps us monitor the user journey, present to the executive team and quickly identify how we can make the user experience of CarsGuide more enjoyable.”

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