Case Study: Insightech Unlocks $500K Revenue Opportunity for eCommerce Business

The Challenge Discover why some customers at a popular eCommerce site were almost completing their orders but dropping off at the ‘Confirm Order’ step The Solution Insightech’s Click Map and Session Replays revealed these customers experienced a technical error when they clicked the ‘Confirm Order’ button. Why Insightech Insightech’s Click Map and Session Replays revealed […]

Case Study: CarsGuide Improves Used Car Seller Experience with Insightech

The Challenge CarsGuide’s private sellers were abandoning a form and the existing data couldn’t explain why. The CarsGuide team needed smarter insights to the problem and a fast way to solve it. The Solution Insightech revealed why users were abandoning the conversion form just hours after deployment. Armed with the insights, the CarsGuide team developed […]

Why People Don’t Click on Your Landing Page Call to Action Link?

In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can find out the reasons people don’t click on your landing page call to action link with Insightech. With the insights you will find, you will be able to develop solutions to optimize your landing page. What we learned Websites have different conversion […]

Get Insights From Day One with Insightech In-Page Analytics Feature

We are very excited to announce the release of Insightech In-Page Analytics feature, which works with dynamic pages and single-page applications out-of-the-box. You can access the in-page analytics feature by clicking on the Analytics tab in the replay user interface. The current version offers three options for in-page analytics:   Most Clicked Links: This option […]

Cross Device Tracking Meets Visitor Replay

Now with Insightech, you can see individual customer’s timeline across multiple devices.   Once a customer is identified, all the history activities of the customer will show up in the customer timeline. If the customer is identified across multiple devices, the activities on these devices will be merged in one timeline.   You can replay […]

3 Simple Steps To Improve Customer Experience Through Insights

Optimising customer experience (CX), customer journey and user experience is widely recognised as the key for business success and forms the anchor point for business strategy, but how do you turn the buzzwords into actionable insights and truly make a difference for your customers?   Business websites are often designed to provide customers with one […]