Insightech tracks everything out of the box with one generic tag so that web analysts can focus on analysis and insights, and data engineers can focus on building data pipelines.

Unlimited Possibilities

No longer limited by solution designs, all the answers are there in the data for your queries.

Truly One Tag

One generic tag records reality faithfully with great quality data that can power replays, even on single page applications.


Real-time data firehose streams web data to your data warehouse and power your data pipelines.

Designed for Agile

Fully agile unlike tranditional web analytics solutions that are waterfall methodology based and limited by solution designs.

Change Proof

No need to worry about website changes because everything is tracked out of the box including activity data, data layer objects, HTML DOM and DOM changes.

Data with Context

Put user behaviour data back into context with HTML DOM and DOM changes all in one database.


Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide “Insightech revealed why users were abandoning our conversion form just hours after deployment - which was a great outcome for us.”
– Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide

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Insightech tracks everything out of the box with just one generic tag

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