Insightech visually shows you the form fields that cause most drop-offs and help you find out the root cause of drop-offs

See exactly which fields cause drop-offs as the last fields clicked by visitors, and watch the session replays to find out the root cause

See ranking on fields by number of last clicks to spot the fields that cause most drop-offs at a glance.

Dynamic Forms

Visual Form Analysis works on dynamic forms, even single page applications at any stage.

Visual Segment Creation

Click on any field to segment users who drop off from the field during playback pause.

Struggle Detection

All forms are listed with bounce rates and interaction rates so you can spot which form visitors are struggling with.

Privacy Protection

To protect privacy, all open text field inputs are masked by default. You can whitelist specific fields to see actual input values if needed.


Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide “Insightech revealed why users were abandoning our conversion form just hours after deployment - which was a great outcome for us.”
– Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide

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