Insightech stitches customer journey across multiple devices to show the full picture of how customers use your site in the multi-device reality

Multi-Device Journey Replay

See exactly how customers swtich between mobile devices and computers in different stages of conversion process.


Segment customers with any conditions, including clicks, mouse hovers, scrolling, page content, injected DOM changes and over 100 other activities.

Insights for Support Team

Your support team can find customers by ID or email address and follow the journey to avoid asking customers to try things they have already tried.


Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide “Insightech revealed why users were abandoning our conversion form just hours after deployment - which was a great outcome for us.”
– Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide

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Insightech tracks everything out of the box with just one generic tag

Setup Insightech tracking with a simple copy-and-paste job in matter of seconds

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