Insightech visually highlights the user behaviours in selected segments

By applying drop-off segments to Click Map, you can see what the drop-off users want and interact with at a glance

See click ranking by elements and exactly how many times the elements are clicked or hovered. So much more clarity than Heatmap tools.

Click Map with Segmentation

Select any segment to filter the data being applied to Click Map helps you to focus on user behaviours of the segment.

Visual Segment Creation

Click on any element to segment users who click, hover, or even hover without clicking on it.

Dynamic Web

Click Map works on dynamic content like popups, carousels, and single page applications.

Content Visibility

Understand content visibility with above the fold marks and scrolling depth.

Unlimited Click Map

View unlimited Click Maps on any pages with selected segments and date ranges.


Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide “Insightech revealed why users were abandoning our conversion form just hours after deployment - which was a great outcome for us.”
– Jeremy Gupta, CTO, CarsGuide

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Insightech tracks everything out of the box with just one generic tag

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