Maximise your add-to-carts

Deliver seamless shopping experiences which reduce funnel drop-offs and drive revenue growth.

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Grow sales with a seamless shopping experience

Understand why friction points in your customer journey prevent customers from purchasing. Interactive funnel reports, automated form analysis and high-quality session replays provide clear insights to create the eCommerce purchase funnel.

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Proactively address issues before they impact sales

Search for and rebuild the experience of frustrated shoppers in minutes. Quickly get to the root cause of customer frustration, share insights and resolve issues before you notice the revenue impact.

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Make clever design choices that drive conversion

Iterate faster by focusing your A/B testing energy on the right areas of the buyer journey. Understand the impact these tests have on revenue with dynamic click maps and behavioural reports which automatically integrate into your existing tech stack. Make clever design optimisations based on accurate insights you know will drive higher conversion rates.

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With Insightech you get the tools to visually pinpoint conversion issues and develop solutions faster than ever. Schedule a demo and see the magic in action!