Are discount browser extensions impacting your website sales?

We are lending a hand with free website checks to see how these impact your sales

Your problem – More consumers are using browser plugins to automatically apply discounts to website purchases. In some cases, these can also break your website and give your customers a poor experience, and until today there has been no way to track when these are active, or how they impact website sales.

The good news – This month we are offering free website checks, and free usage of Insightech for 7 days to help identify if these are impacting your website.

Why are we doing this? We are passionate analysts that love helping businesses solve real challenges with new technology. If we can help you find something impactful here, that would make us even happier.

How we will use Insightech for your website check

Insightech is setup in 5 minutes with one line of code. All of your important information is captured and overlaid on top of your website in interactive reports. We will use that information to help you understand the impact of browser extensions (shown above).

What we will help you identify:

  • How many users are actively using discount browser extensions
  • Which purchases are being made from these extensions
  • Other interesting user behaviours or errors we find along the way

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