Digital Marketing

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, reduce campaign cost-per-lead, and convert more visitors that land on your website.

digital marketing
Answer the questions that help you optimise marketing performance
How do campaign users interact with landing pages?
How do marketing channels affect audience behavior?
Which promotion content is driving conversions?
What are the friction points in lead generation forms?
How are campaigns performing in real-time?
What distracts audiences from clicking the call-to-actions?
conversion rate optimisation

Reduce campaign cost per acquisition and increase conversions

Minimise friction points in the conversion funnels with actionable insights through dynamic funnel reports and visual form analysis. Watch session replays to understand why audiences drop off from the funnels and optimise the experience without guesswork.

Measure landing page effectiveness in real-time

Gain behavioural insights on landing pages as soon as the campaign has been launched. Understand how audiences interact with the page, and what influences or distracts them away from clicking key call-to-actions. Improve your landing pages with rich and actionable insights.

click map and session replay
marketing campaigns

Track Website campaigns and activities out-of-the-box

All the data you need to optimise on-page activities and improve on campaign effectiveness, is tracked out-of-the-box. Clicks, page scrolling, mouse movements, and even content loaded and seen, all tracked with a single tag.

Faster and more effective A/B Testing optimisation

Increase A/B testing success rates, with accurate insights on which A/B Tests, content, and website features, influence your visitors to convert the most. A/B tests can be focused on the biggest opportunities to increase conversions, by removing blockers, or re-organising your content.

A/B testing

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