Digital Marketing

Launch high ROI marketing campaigns that maximise click-through rates, reduce CAC and increase sales.

Answer these questions to optimise marketing campaigns
💬 How do campaign users interact with landing pages?
💬 Do specific marketing channels influence conversion rates?
💬 Which promotional content actually drives revenue?
💬 What are the friction points in lead generation forms?
💬 How do campaigns perform in real time?
💬 What distracts audiences from clicking call-to-actions?

Reduce campaign CAC

Use dynamic funnel reports and visual form analysis to understand where to minimise friction points in your conversion funnels. Watch session replays to understand why audiences drop out of those funnels to create a better experience for next time.

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Real-time landing page measurement

Get clear insights into why users behave the way they do on your landing pages within the first hour of your campaign launch. Understand how audiences interact with the page and what influences or distracts them away from clicking on key call-to-actions.

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Track everything out of the box

All the data you need to optimise on-page activities and improve on campaign effectiveness is tracked out of the box. Clicks, page scrolling, mouse movements and even specific website content seen by visitors is all tracked with a single tag.

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True digital experience intelligence

Everything your customers see impacts conversion rate. Combine dynamic click maps with scroll and heat maps to understand how your website content and page design influence purchase behaviour. Easily identify where to optimise to maximise your conversion rates.

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