With Insightech your website is now your dashboard.

Visualising your analytics making it's easier to share why users dropped out of the funnel.

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An image of session replay recordings with analytics data
A few of our customers
Use accurate data to quickly measure, analyse and report
💬 Do visitors from different marketing channels behave differently?
💬 Do conversions increase when users see specific website content?
💬 Which steps and form fields cause the most funnel abandonment?
💬 Which errors impact conversion rates the most?
💬 Why do visitors actually abandon funnels?
💬 How can I easily share insights with other teams?

Visualise user behaviour on your website

Overlay dynamic behavioural reports on your website to visually map user behaviour. Get clear insights into which specific user behaviour results in the highest conversion rates. Slice and dice with any report to quickly compare those behaviours across multiple audience segments.

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Know how to address customer friction points

Quickly identify and quantify the biggest issues preventing high-intent visitors from converting. Interactive funnel reports, automated form analysis and session replays work with all of your dynamic content out-of-the-box to help you understand visitors in minutes.

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Empathise with customer pain points

Powerful session replays let you step into the shoes of your customers to see exactly what they saw. Understand why those visitors dropped off and easily quantify those issues for your reports.

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Quantify revenue impact

Point & click on any report, content element or digital experience issue you find to instantly quantify its revenue impact. Know which issues from your funnel and content analysis you should focus on first if your goal is maximising conversions and revenue growth.

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Collaborate and share insights widely

Visualise insights with your team and across your organisation by logging notes and key moments in time from session replays. Revisit these moments to iterate faster, collaborate and get up to speed on the real issues your visitors are facing.

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