Data Scientists

Drive smarter machine learning and business outcomes, with real-time and comprehensive data from your website

data scientists
Answer impactful questions for your business with machine learning
What website behaviours and metrics indicate a propensity to purchase?
How do marketing channels attribute to conversions?
Which products should you recommend to customers, and when?
When do anomalies occur in your key performance metrics?
data lake

Open new opportunities with real-time data

A fully comprehensive real-time dataset, makes new data use cases possible without complex data engineering. Anomaly detection, behavioural segmentation, recommendation engines, marketing attribution and many more possibilities from a single dataset.

Retroactive data, so you never miss a data point

Every behavioral data point is captured out-of-the-box on the website with a single line of code. Need a different data point to tune your machine learning models? All the data you need is already in the web data lake, ready to be applied to your model.

single tag
reliable data

High quality and reliable data to drive better outcomes

The most comprehensive dataset available from your website, powerful enough to reconstruct and playback full customer journeys in video quality through your website. Your single source of truth, that can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your business.

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