Data Scientists

Drive smarter machine learning and business outcomes with real-time data from your website.

Answer impactful questions with machine learning
💬 What website behaviours and metrics influence purchase behaviour?
💬 How do marketing channels influence conversion rates?
💬 Which products should you recommend to customers, and when?
💬 When do anomalies occur in key performance metrics?

New opportunities with real-time data

Work with a comprehensive real-time dataset without complex data engineering to make your projects possible. Build high-impact anomaly detection, behavioural segmentation, recommendation engines, marketing attribution and more from a single, powerful dataset.

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Retroactive data so you never miss a data point

All behavioural data points are captured out of the box with a single line of code on your website. Need a different data point to tune your machine learning models? All the data you need is already in the web data lake ready to be applied to your model.

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High quality reliable data

Reconstruct and playback full customer journeys in video quality throughout your website. Benefit from a single source of truth seamlessly plugged into the rest of your business.

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