Find and recreate customer issues in a flash.

When you ask developers to fix issues on your website they'll always ask how they replicate it. With Insightech you can share specific moments in just a few clicks.

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A few of our customers 👇
Answer the questions that you need to know about customer issues
💬 What are the problems making customers frustrated?
💬 How many customers are impacted by the same problem?
💬 What’s the quantifiable business impact of an error on conversions?
💬 How can I easily show what happened to web development teams?

Reduce issue resolution times

Segment by what customers see, experience or interact with to quickly recreate their experience and pinpoint the exact cause of their frustration. Identify these points of friction along the digital buyer journey in minutes, not days.

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True digital experience intelligence

High-quality session replays to enable you to recreate and watch the full story, identify friction points and empathise with customer pain.

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Lift conversions with a frictionless experience

Seamlessly sharing insights and customer issues with your team to quickly address issues. Frictionless experiences deliver satisfied customers along with higher revenue straight to your front door.

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Grow revenue from higher CSAT

Resolve customer issues faster to reduce the impact on call volumes and support teams. Close the loop as quickly as possible by identifying, sharing and actioning customer issues from friction points in their digital buyer journey.

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