Customer Care

Resolve customer issues faster, and improve customer satisfaction levels

customer care
Answer the questions that you need to know about the customer issues
What are the problems that cause customer frustration?
How many customers are impacted by the same problems?
What are the business impacts of the website errors to conversions?
How can I show what happened to the web development teams easily?
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Reduce issue resolution times by searching for exactly what customers experience

Anything your customers have seen, experienced, or interacted with, can be searched to help you quickly recreate any experience, and pinpoint the exact cause of their frustration. Spend minutes to find and recreate issues, instead of hours with no clear answer.

Truly understand what your customers are experiencing

High quality session replays let you recreate and watch the full journeys and frustration points of your customers, along with the same code that powered their experience. Quickly understand why customers get frustrated, and what needs to be fixed.

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customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction through better customer experiences

Seamlessly sharing insights, and customer issues with your team to quickly improve customer experiences. Frictionless experiences deliver more satisfied customers and higher revenue. Turn your frustrated customers into revenue opportunities.

Reduce the impacts on call centres and support teams

Resolve customer issues faster, to reduce the impact on call volumes and support teams. With full visibility on customer frustrations and issues, solutions can be found and communicated quickly with your customers.

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