We are positively changing the analytics industry

By providing better data with less effort, in a visual way that is easy to understand, and where more people can make better business decisions together.

Our Story

At our core, we believe in democratising data and making it accessible to everybody, without barriers, or complexity.

To achieve this, we simplify what it means to setup comprehensive digital datasets with one line of code, and showcase that data through visual interactivity overlaid on top of your website, in a way that everyone can understand.

In doing this, we empower more people to share insights and make better business decisions together. Insights should be fast, easy to explore, and collaborative with the whole team. 

Your website is a strong visual storyteller for your customers, so we embed this into how teams can visually communicate their insights and actions with one another.

This is a new way of working with data — and we want you to make the best decisions possible, with the best data available, collaboratively with your team.

Josh Gray 


Josh loves exploring, whether it’s cycling across japan, making music, or discovering new approaches to data. With experience across enterprise and startups, he is passionate about supporting learning and growth in the industry, and finding new ways to make analytics accessible to everybody.

Chaoming Li 


Chaoming is passionate about using technology to create positive growth in the digital analytics industry. With a wealth of experience leading data teams, from IAG to Datalicious, and building out digital data architecture, he is excited to apply new technology to positively impact businesses everywhere.

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